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  • June 2018

    A total of 1,156 talents were trained under the Group’s trio of career advancement initiatives over the years?

  • Caring Company 5yr+

    March 2018

    Received the “Caring Company” logo from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the tenth time

  • December 2017

    Garnered the fourth Gold Award in the category of “Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance” at “The Asset Corporate Awards”

  • August 2017

    Shortlisted quality post-85s core staff to form “NWDS New Community” to perfect the Group's talent cultivation system

  • New Territories 88

    November 2016

    Introduced the “New Territories 88” street zone to Nanjing Store to realise the “One Store, One Strategy” operations strategy; the store won the title of “Best Stores in China 2016”

  • May 2016

    Founded the private label “N+ Natural Taste Plus”, opening the first bakery in Shanghai

  • December 2014

    Published the first standalone sustainability report, acting as a forerunner amongst the department store chain operators in the mainland

  • December 2013

    “Project Feipeng - Core Talents Nurturing Plan” organised by NWDS Management Academy won the title of “Top 20 China Corporate Training Programme”

  • @Dream Sustainable Development Program

    July 2013

    Rolled out “@Dream Sustainable Development Programme” to help over 7,000 under-resourced children to improve their talents in music and sports

  • LOL Concept Shop

    March 2013

    Founded the private label LOL Concept Shop and opened the first LOL outlet in Shanghai

  • Citation for Excellence in Mainland Marketing

    October 2012

    The Group clinched the honour of “Citation for Excellence in Mainland Marketing” in the “HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence” for the second consecutive year

  • “Super Stars’ Memorable Collections Exhibition

    September 2011

    Held the “Super Stars’ Memorable Collections Exhibition” to showcase over a hundred items of Hollywood superstars in NWDS stores in five Chinese cities

  • February 2010

    Established NWDS Environmental Committee to formulate the overall green policies and directions

  • November 2007

    Jointly initiated the charity campaign “Bright Future Action—A New World for Amblyopic Children” with China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, and held a kick-off ceremony at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People

  • October 2006

    Shanghai Huaihai Branch Store garnered the title of “Jing Ding Specialty Department Store” by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and became one of the top 14 superior department stores of China

  • May 2005

    Founded NWDS Management Academy to offer professional training to staff members at various levels

  • New World Peony Credit Card

    August 2003

    Joined hands with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and launched the "Peony New World Credit Card" – the very first co-branded credit card rolled out by a department store chain in the mainland – to offer shopping privileges and credit functions on a single card

  • January 2002

    Established the suppliers’ club “New World Net”; luncheon meetings or tea receptions were held in six Chinese cities in July

  • July 2001

    The mainland office was relocated from Guangzhou to Shanghai

  • August 1998

    The mainland office was set up in Guangzhou

  • Wuhan Store

    November 1994

    Opened the first NWDS store in the mainland – Wuhan Store, and anchored at six Chinese cities, namely Shenyang, Wuxi, Harbin, Tianjin, Ningbo and Beijing over the next four years

  • June 1993

    NWDS officially established in Hong Kong, with an office set up in Central

Time Line
  • immense love for customers

    April 2018

    To celebrate the Group’s 25th anniversary, marketing campaigns themed “immense love for customers” were rolled out in all NWDS stores

  • China’s Best Corporate University

    December 2017

    NWDS Management Academy was accredited as “China’s Best Corporate University” for the fifth consecutive year by the Overseas Education College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; and listed as “CCFA Top 10 Corporate Universities” by China Chain Store and Franchise Association for the third year in a row

  • November 2017

    Rolled out “New Lab” on NWDS’ WeChat official account with Beijing and Shanghai stores as pilots to launch limited edition items during “Double 11”

  • June 2017

    Received the accolade of “Best Investor Relations Company (Hong Kong)” from Corporate Governance Asia for the fourth year in a row

  • Reformed the VIP member card system

    September 2016

    Reformed the VIP member card system by re-categorising VIP members into four levels; integrated cross-industry resources to optimise their privileges and rolled out level upgrade mechanism

  • Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon

    November 2015

    Title-sponsored the “Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon” for the second year in a row, making a charitable donation of HK$0.9 million in total over two years' time

  • October 2014

    Launched NWDS’ WeChat official account to work side by side with the official Weibo platform to promote online marketing

  • 7.7 MSF Day

    July 2013

    Supported “7.7 MSF Day” as the key sponsor for the seventh year in a row and raised a total of over HK$2.48 million over the years

  • NWDS Tutoring Programme

    April 2013

    Founded NWDS Volunteer Team and organised the first nationwide thematic volunteering activity—“NWDS Tutoring Programme”

  • Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion

    December 2012

    The Group was named “Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion” by Forbes for the fifth consecutive year

  • March 2012

    Rolled out the all new VIP system and the VIP members’ website; new functions included spending record checking,?card-free bonus point accumulation, as well as online card application and renewal, etc.

  • June 2010

    Concluded the nationwide “NWDS Spokesperson” contest; the two winners were entrusted with promoting the Group’s new image at different stores across the country

  • Rebranding program

    June 2009

    Launched the nationwide rebranding programme and introduced the new operations modes of “Fashion Gallery” and “Living Gallery” with the precise positioning of “Enriching Lives · Enhancing Character” to bring mainland consumers a novel shopping experience

  • Listing in HKEX’s main board

    July 2007

    The Group was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange under the stock code of 825, and raised net proceeds of about HK$2.6 billion

  • Qualified as an authorised Olympic retailer

    July 2006

    Qualified as an authorised Olympic retailer by the Beijing Organising Committee for the Olympic and set up official licensed product retail outlets in ten NWDS stores

  • 60-Hour Non-stop Mega Sales

    September 2004

    Beijing Store celebrated its sixth anniversary and organised the “60-hour Non-stop Mega Sales” campaign, which created the record of the longest operating hours in the industry at the time

  • VIP-IC

    December 2002

    Launched the all new VIP-IC card in the mainland, which enabled customers to accumulate bonus points and redeem premiums across different stores

  • Ba Li Chun Tian

    December 2001

    The first “Ba Li Chun Tian” branded store opened in Shanghai, marking the Group’s official landing onto the Shanghai market

  • Department Store opened in Tsim Sha Tsui

    April 1999

    Hong Kong New World Department Store opened in Tsim Sha Tsui; the official website 3d试机号金码 went live in the same month

  • July 1998

    The Group’s 70,000 sq.m. flagship store – Beijing Store opened

  • symbolises “spreading wings to soar”

    January 1994

    Officially adopted the logo that symbolises “spreading wings to soar”, which has remained in use ever since

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